“Going Green” is no longer considered a fad. The concern of environmental health and sustainability has now integrated itself into nearly every industry across the country and regardless of the government’s intervention and the EPA’s requirements, many companies are seeing the value they can add to our planets sustainability every day and are choosing to lessen their environmental footprint wherever possible.

We are proud to partner with companies nationwide to assist in their recycling initiatives through their liquidation and refurbishment programs. It has long been our goal to offer assistance to companies through a variety of means, whether it be through liquidations of businesses that are or through selling of pre-owned office furniture (i.e. chairs, desks, filing cabinets, cubicles, etc.). In either case we have kept good office furniture from filling up the landfill. Our clients, are represented by a wide variety of industries and businesses. They know that reusing office furniture or buying refurbished office furniture is financially and environmentally the wise option.

Liquidating or buying pre-owned office furniture is a Win-Win-Win situation.

For businesses that are ready to downsize, they can recoup a portion of their investment on used furniture during their transition. In addition, growing companies looking to make large purchases on business office furniture, most certainly win when purchasing pre-owned and refurbished furniture.

Finally, the environment is a winner as well. Thousands of pieces of office furniture that would normally be headed to the landfill can be re-purposed for their next assignment in an up and coming business.


Give us a call today and let us help you do you part to help the environment AND save a bunch of money doing so!

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